Weekly Report February 5–11

In weekly reports, we tell about the progress accomplished in the development of the AB-CHAIN ad network in the past seven days!

We have changed the AB-CHAIN token name to — RTB, which stands for “Real Time Bidding.” Soon we will update the name on the website and in the whitepaper. RTB is going to be the official code of AB-CHAIN token from now onwards.

We have published RTB token smart contract in Ethereum blockchain. The token smart-contract contains the combustion functionality. We also provided the possibility of simple migration to another contract to allow easy update of the token once the majority of the supply has been burned.

We successfully purchased advertising with RTB tokens as well as applied 50% commission burning mechanism on our test network. We plan to introduce these features in the live version of the network next week. Despite AB-CHAIN being in an early stage, the network is already becoming fully-featured!

We hope that you found this report useful. Stay with us on our journey, so we can watch how AB — CHAIN is progressing week by week together!