Meet our Advisor: Reuben Godfrey

Meet Reuben Godfrey: our advisor from Ireland, an expert at blockchain and hi-tech.

Reuben and AB-CHAIN CEO Vladimir at BEF Singapore

Reuben is a co-founder at the Blockchain Association of Ireland, Ireland’s Crypto Coast and Irish Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia.

He is highly experienced in business development and networking in major multinationals and start-ups globally. Reuben is a former journalist and is frequently interviewed and asked for comment by tech and mainstream media. He speaks at and hosts seminars and conferences.

Reuben is an advisor to numerous successful ICOs. Among it are Playkey, LA Token, Play2live: projects that raised $50M in total. Moreover, Reuben is not only a top expert of the blockchain community but also a tutor at University College Dublin.

Welcome on the board of AB-CHAIN, Reuben!