Market News: CoinMarketCap for Wall Street is Being Created By NYSE Parent Firm And Blockstream

Per The Wall Street Journal report, Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) is going to deliver “disciplined” Bitcoin price data to major Wall Street investors, in partnership with a Blockchain tech corporation, Blockstream.

In order to deliver the information to big financial names, including hedge funds and professional trading firms, data is going to be picked from 15 major exchanges and carried in in a format designed to let them quickly take work with current metrics, ICE, the parent company of the The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) states.

The move is yet another indication that bitcoin is slowly but surely getting into focus for traditional investors, in this instance, keen to leverage its potential as a tradeable asset.

The tool is likely to see its release in March, giving traditional investors something equal to a Wall Street-tailored version of now existing crypto market monitoring resources, such as the famous

CoinMarketCap has attracted a lot of criticism, after developers excluded several major South Korean exchanges from the site’s price calculations on Jan. 8, due to what they called “extreme divergence.”