Market News: Add “Blockchain” To Your Company’s Name And Watch Your Shares Skyrocket

The impressive consequence of global adoption of the word “Blockchain”.

The blockchain magic goes on as businesses start altering their name to incorporate the word “Blockchain” and passively observe their share price fly to the moon. According to the Verge report, a spate of renaming shenanigans has reached Long Island Drinks Corp causing it to become Long Blockchain, immediately provoking its stock to mount up to 200%.

Similarly, a Californian vaping company Vapetek switched its name to Nodechain, while giving only uncertain promises concerning its Blockchain related plans.

In October, a veteran but little-known UK telecommunications corporation turned itself into a notionally Blockchain-centric outfit, appending the word to its company name. Its stock quickly took off, increasing from £15 ($20) to a peak of £84 ($112) in a matter of days.

The trend continues in Russia but takes a more consumer-related mainstream turn. For one, a sushi restaurant chain revealed an ICO-themed drinks menu, even incorporating a reference to China’s ban.

Burger King outlets in the country have also experimented with their token, which the fast food giant dubbed ‘Whoppercoin.’ Burger King intends to base their new loyalty program on the blockchain technology.

“From now on Whooper is not merely a burger beloved in 90 countries, but an investment tool. Experts foresee rapid growth of cryptocurrencies. Therefore eating whoppers today will ensure your financial well-being tomorrow.”, stated Ivan Shestov, the communications director at Burger King Russia.