How to trade RTB on Livecoin

We have prepared for you a how-to guide for trading RTB on Livecoinexchange.

Step 1: register  

Click on “Open an Account” in the top menu bar. Register: choose a username, password and enter an email, which you will use for your account on Livecoin. Agree to the terms of the user agreement and register in the system. After you confirm your email you can enter your account.

Livecoin suggests you to enable Google two-factor protection. You can change the settings in the security section of your account: choose security Level 2 and change it (you will need to download Google Authenticator app).

Notice that in case if you change your password you will not be able to deposit or withdraw your assets for 48 hours.

Step 2: deposit assets

In the top menu bar choose “Deposit” or “Balance”.

In order to deposit RTB find RTB in the search bar of “Cryptocurrency balance”. Find AB-CHAIN RTB token and press “Deposit”. 

In a pop-up window accept the terms and click on “Show address”. You will need to transfer the desired amount for trade to this address.

Step 3: trade  

You can trade your RTB for BTC or ETH. Go to BUY/SELL section in the top menu bar. Find RTB in the search bar on your left and choose one of the options.

You can place and order to buy or sell RTB. On Livecoin you can also place pending orders.

Notice that the commission on Livecoin is 0,18%. Starting from $100 001 trading volume the commission is lowered to 0,16%.

Step 4: withdraw

Go to “Balance” page in the top menu bar.
To withdraw your assets find a currency you wish to withdraw and click on “Withdraw” (next to “Deposit”). Enter the desired amount to withdraw and the wallet address in a pop-up window, then confirm the transaction.

For more information you can check out the guide for trading on Livecoin on bitcointalk.