How to trade RTB on IDEX


Connect the wallet

First step is to unlock or, in other words, connect your wallet to IDEX. Find “unlock wallet” tab in the top-right corner and click on it.

Choose “private key” and type it in the form. Press “unlock”

If you are using MetaMask choose MetaMask and click “unlock MetaMask”.

That’s it, that simple! Your wallet is now connected!

Deposit assets

In order to trade the tokens you first have to deposit them to the exchange.

To do it hover over “balances” in the top navigation menu and select “full balances”. 

Select “hide 0 balances”. Now you can see all assets in your wallet. Now find RTB and click the deposit button. Enter the amount you would like to deposit (pay attention to the minimum amounts), choose your Gas Price (the more the price is, the faster the transaction will be processed).


Remember that in order for the deposit transfer to be successful you need to have a little ETH in your wallet. The sum of ETH needed for the successful transaction will be indicated. We recommend to have at least 0.001 ETH on your wallet.

Confirm this transaction on IDEX via a pop up that will appear. Note that IDEX will ask you to make a confirmation 2 times. The first confirmation will confirm the transaction, while the second one will approve it.

If you are using MetaMask confirm the transaction from your wallet as well as on IDEX.

You can now view your pending token deposit on a “balance history” page. Click on “balance history” tab under the “balances” tab found in the top navigation menu. Once the transaction is completed IDEX will notify you if it is successful!


Let’s say you want to trade some of your ETH for RTB (before trading you need to deposit ETH using the example of RTB deposit described above). Go to ETH/RTB trading page:

Find a sell order that you would like to purchase under “asks”. Click on it and press “buy”.

If you are using MetaMask, the wallet will ask you to confirm the trade.

IDEX will notify you that the transaction is in progress and you will be able to check it under the “orders” tab in the top navigation menu by hovering over and clicking “trade history”. For further clarification click “status” to automatically bring out the etherscan page of a particular transaction.


To withdraw RTB from IDEX find RTB in “my balances” available from the “balances” tab in the top menu. Select “withdraw” and type in the desired amount. Click the “withdraw” button and confirm the transaction.

If you are using MetaMask you will be required to confirm the transaction in the wallet as well as on IDEX. The transfer is now being processed and your new RTB tokens are on the way to your wallet!