How to fish like a boss on an ICO

and bring users right to the point where the decision to invest is made 

Quality analysis is essential for cryptoprojects just as it is for any other industry because let’s admit it: the year of ICO is ahead. So why exactly should you go deep in details about the path your investor goes down before giving you his money. 

How we did it 

To be honest, we didn’t hire any marketers for our pre sale in autumn 2017 nor for our main sale in march 2018. We figured out we have enough experience in digital marketing and decided that we will test everything on our product, so we connected publishers, developed the cabinet, launched our advertising campaigns and…we analysed. 

We proved an important assumption 

No smart investor will give away his money “at first sight”. Those who look for an opportunity to invest a tidy sum, let’s say an amount exceeding 10 ETH, will first take a careful look at the project and notice whether the team does the job effective, how often are the news posted and the overall crowdfunding success.

In order to choose your project from the whole bunch of projects out there on the market investors should first notice it, which means contact your project more than once. This makes the search of new marketing channels a big deal for your team.

We state that banners are sturdy support for the marketing strategy of a crypto project: banners allow projects to make contact with their target audience and with new potential investors on a daily basis.

Imagine the process of net surfing for someone who belongs to the growing community of crypto enthusiasts. Simply make users come across your project during their net surfing process several times — start the party! make the first contact with your potential investor.

The whole point of your marketing strategy is to bring users right to the point where the decision to invest is made. You should do a lot of work in order to make it real. 

What’s essential in strategy framework?

Traffic source

Remember to count ROMI (return on marketing investment) and consider traffic intersection when analysing traffic sources.

User behaviour

How new users behave on your website: time they spent and pages they go through. User behaviour analytics show the exact point where your customers decide to make a conversion or to leave your website. It also gives you understanding about what information a user received. This will help you optimizing your website.

Where users go from your website to

New users and potential investors are likely to join projects community, which means that it can take up to several weeks before they invest. This is what we call multichannel sequence =)

Remember that the backbone of your marketing strategy is experience. The more analysis and external factors you consider in taking a decision to test a new channel or to quit an old one, the more effective your action will be.

On a note

In most of the cases an investor that came from a media source have already had several contacts with a project.

This fact only proves the importance of diversified marketing channels  

By the way, with us you can easily analyse traffic right in your personal cabinet