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Read our answers to the Frequently Asked Questions below.

1) What is the legal structure of AB CHAIN?
The company is currently under incorporation process in Hong Kong.

2) Which wallet should I use to store ABC token?
ABC is a token issued on Ethereum blockchain, you should use an ethereum wallet to store your ABC. You can use Mist, Parity, Jaxx, Ethereum Wallet. We recommend using the official Ethereum Wallet.

3) What is the minimum amount you raise during Pre-Sale?
We raise the minimum of $300k.

4) What is the Max Cap for Pre-Sale?
The hard cap of Pre-Sale is $500k.

5) What is the Max Cap for Crowdsale?
The hard cap of Crowdsale is $20.85m.

6) What is the minimum amount to participate?
You can buy a minimum of 150 ABC coins which is approximately 30 USD at Pre-Sale stage.

7) When will the tokens be distributed?
We will distribute the tokens within 2 weeks after Crowdfunding is over.

8) How do I contact AB-CHAIN?
Via Telegram (for fast response): https://t.me/ab_chain
Via Email: team@ab-chain.com
Via our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Ab-Chain-897158380440217
Via our Twitter account: https://twitter.com/AB_CHAIN