Discover How We Did It: Insights About Our Tokensale

Preparing to launch an ICO? Or maybe your crowdsale is live already? Our story will be helpful in all cases. We want to share with you what we did for eight months from the beginning of our pre-sale until the end of our ICO round (August 2017 — April 2018)


Our pre-sale round started September, 18. After only two days we received an extremely high rating 4.9 on ICObench (a platform for ICO ratings that is supported by investors and experts in finance)

We were in the TOP-list due to the minimum risks for investors because of the transparency of our company: the whitepaper, token allocation and token burn after distribution, which affects token price growth.

Regardless the fact that the rate dropped a little while the pre-ICO was live, it was a driver for investors during the first week — we collected over $100 000.

The first weekend of the pre-sale was dramatic: we raised only $5 000. It seemed that we failed and lots of investors asked us whether the company is even real! That is where our Founder and CEO recorded a video in the QIWI office and presented two advisors for AB-CHAIN. And it worked!

Even though the team worked around the clock, we were not even close to achieve the soft cap. The reason for that was lack of publications in the media. That is where we decided to raise our budget for advertising in Google and Facebook and to present our project to a larger number of potential investors. We also started to work with our community, talked to our subscribers and tried lots of other advertising platforms. Overmore, we published our press-release in business media, which cost us a fortune, but it was worth it.

After we reached the soft cap several large investors contacted us, and we even met some of them in person. Also, during the pre-ICO we could get a clear picture of the market. We conducted lots of operations and tests in order to understand which channels work and which do not, and we could build a suitable marketing strategy.

During the pre-sale of the AB-CHAIN over $370 000 was raised. We achieved it thank to a wide presentation of our company to the cryptocommunity: the team spoke on meetups and presented the project on events.

Ad network launch

We started to market our product in December: we launched the beta version of the website and connected first publishers. It took us around two weeks to find the audience and conduct the first operations with the advertisers. It was advantage during the main sale as we could share with our investors that the product is well received on the market

Main sale

During the main sale we dive deep into raising awareness of the project among investors. We took part in conferences on the cryptocurrency market, which was helpful to attract investors from different parts of the world including Europe and Asia.

Wherever the project was presented, we supported it with articles in the local media and referrals in local communities. We kept on telling our investors and our community about all the meetups with investors and advisors and events where AB-CHAIN was presented.

As we mentioned already, our network was a good support to our marketing strategy. Around 30% of all of our investors came from our advertising network.

We reached the soft cap of $1 500 000 on March, 14 after two weeks from the beginning of the ICO, and it was already a success. We raised $1 000 000 more until the end of the sale on March, 31.