AB-CHAIN Smart Contract Beta is Live

We have launched a beta version of the AB-CHAIN network smart contract on the main-net. As of now, the smart contract has been operational for two weeks and it’s being tested with several advertisers!

At the moment:

  • 28 payments have been successfully processed by the smart contract;
  • Which amounts to 20 336 RTB processed as payment;
  • 18 303 RTB has been transferred to publishers;
  • 1 016 RTB has been burned. The same amount has been secured as network revenue.

You can view the current version of the AB-CHAIN smart contract by following this link.

The AB-CHAIN team wishes you all the best in the upcoming New Year! Keep track of our updates!

AB-CHAIN Update: Smart Contract Development

Smart-contract for payments processing in the AB-CHAIN advertising network

We are pleased to share the latest AB-CHAIN news and announce that apart from working on improving our network even further, our technical team is presently involved in the development of a smart-contract. As as we have already reported earlier, we have implemented RTB support as the payment method in the AB-CHAIN advertising network with a 50% discount on our commission.

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How to fish like a boss on an ICO

and bring users right to the point where the decision to invest is made 

Quality analysis is essential for cryptoprojects just as it is for any other industry because let’s admit it: the year of ICO is ahead. So why exactly should you go deep in details about the path your investor goes down before giving you his money. 

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