Advertising market forecast for 2018

The first half of this year is approaching and we at AB-CHAIN decided to review the forecasts on the digital advertising market and compare the existing figures with our expectations.

Digital advertising market in 2018 will show 12,6% growth comparing to the previous year and amount to $230,6 bln (+$25,7 bln), next year it will add another 11.3% and overtake other media. In addition, according to market expectations, the rtb segment will grow by 23.2% this year and by 19.1% next year. It is expected that the Asia-Pacific region will remain the driver of the advertising market development in 2018: the share of these countries will account for 43% of total growth of global budgets for promotion (according to the communication group Dentsu Aegis Network and the agency Zenith).


As for the digital advertising market with payments made in cryptocurrency, we expect it to show the volume of $200 mln with a yearly growth of 120% during the next 5 years. As we can see the global market share of this segment is quite small. Meanwhile the cryptocurrency market growth remains exponential: during the six months of this year over 300 ICOs were launched, which is close to the total of ICOs in the year 2017 while the investments exceed.


AB-CHAIN has a strong position on the market and proudly delivers its services to advertisers. We expect to achieve our goals successfully and in compliance with the roadmap.