AB-CHAIN Token Sale Is Over

Our crowdsale is over: we raised more than $2 500 000 and we are grateful for your support and trust. With your support, we have the opportunity to create an innovative advertising platform for cryptocommunity!

Below is the information about what will happen next.

On which exchanges will RTB token be trading?

RTB token is already listed on IDEX https://idex.market/eth/rtb. We are also negotiating with OpenLedger DEX, BitFlip, Stocks.Exchange, GetBTC, C2CX, RightBTC. We will notify you when RTB token is traded on new exchanges!

We ask all investors and community to be patient and hold the tokens. We also ask you to keep calm in case there are short-term drawdowns. Just as any other new token RTB token may show increased volatility.

When will the platform be launched?

Our advertising platform is already launched on https://net.ab-chain.comand now with the raised funds, we have the possibility to continue its development. We have a growing network of publishers and already tested first advertising campaigns and we welcome you to join!

What are the plans for AB-CHAIN development?

Now as the crowdsale is over we will be focusing on implementing our smart-contract and developing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the platform.

Thank you all and stay tuned!