AB-CHAIN in France

Greetings from Paris!

We can’t wait to share with you our excitement about the conference and the workshop our CEO Vladimir, our CMO Anton and our account manager Anna took part in Paris yesterday!

First of all, we say many thanks to the whole french crypto community for making this amazing event real. We had an opportunity to be on stage with most prominent projects Blockchain Connectors, Club des Cryptos, Havas Blockchain, Daneel, LGO Launch, Thesaur and exchange our experiences as ICO promoters and marketers. We are particularly grateful to our advisor Adrien Henni for inviting us to this meetup.

We see the communication with the French community as very promising and we are looking forward to find the most prospective touchpoints for our further cooperation. There are several meetings with our future partners scheduled for today and we’re happy to cooperate on promoting new projects.

In brief, as we discussed the current situation on the crypto advertising market, eventually we came up with the conclusion that we finally must admit and get rid of the two well-known problems that the projects face: fraud and overpricing. And this is only up to us!