In this article we’ve gathered all the developments that we’ve been through in AB-CHAIN in the period of the last five months. Let’s recollect the updates that have been added after ICO and sum up where we’re heading in the nearest future.

The main sale has ended on March, 31 at 23:59. Over $2,5 million was raised during the tokensale.

CEO and founder Vladimir Dyakov and CMO Anton Oshkin were in Paris at that moment. They have presented AB-CHAIN on Blockchain, Crypto, I.A.: à l’est, du nouveau! The event was organised by East-West Digital News where our international strategy advisor Adrien Henni is the editor-in-chief.

We distributed RTB tokens among the investors within several weeks after our ICO was complete. Just in a few days all purchased RTB tokens fit the wallets of AB-CHAIN contributors who confirmed their wallet addresses. We made sure that no other wallet addresses were confirmed and transferred all “forgotten” tokens on a separate AB-CHAIN address. We still receive letters in our mailbox team@ab-chain.com and messages in chat on Telegram from investors who wish confirming their wallets and finally get their RTB tokens.

RTB token was first listed on IDEX.market exchange and on livecoin.net afterwards.

All unsold tokens were burned in the end of May (link to a historical transaction). After the burning event RTB strengthened on exchanges.

We moved on to further development of our product, the AB-CHAIN Ad Network, and added a range of features:

    1. Remarketing pixel (dynamic banners);
    2. Banner constructor (for easier creation of advertising campaigns);
    3. RTB exchange rate indicator for publishers cabinet;
    4. Integration with Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika for tracking the statistics of advertising campaigns for advertisers cabinet;
    5. Set-ups for targeting audiences look alike for efficient advertising campaigns.  

We added RTB tokens as means of payment in AB-CHAIN Ad Network for budget refill. AB-CHAIN advertisers who refill their budgets in RTB tokens receive a 50% discount, meanwhile half of the commission is being burned.

Moreover, RTB was listed on Coinmarketcap in August.

AB-CHAIN launched its blog late summer. Right now AB-CHAIN developers are updating the landing page of the Ad Network with a full redesign. Blog will be available to readers right from the new page.

Our team is making everything to keep you updated about company news and product development.

We are constantly attracting new customers with new offers, publications in the media and public talks on blockchain conferences. After the ICO was complete, the team performed public talks and discussions in Saint-Petersbourg on CPA Life event and in Paris on workshop organized by Blockchain Connectors and our advisor Adrien Henni.