AB-CHAIN is closing

Dear friends!

To our huge regret, we have made the decision to stop the work of the AB-CHAIN project. This decision was not easy, but we sincerely believe that it will be right for all of us.

Despite the optimistic forecasts, certain tendencies that emerged in the market led us to the idea that the successful development of our product is impossible. And here is why:

  1. As you know, our main client segment was ICO projects. Unfortunately, their share on the market has rapidly decreased, and new projects appear less and less;
  2. Contrary to forecasts and our expectations, now ICO projects are not ready to invest in Internet advertising at the same high level that was demonstrated in 2017;
  3. The cryptocurrency market is going through hard times. We are not the only project that has undergone such critical changes. Such large projects like Lordmancer II, BitConnect, Prism, ETC  were forced to cease operation or significantly cut staff.

During our existence, we managed to complete many bold and complex tasks:

  1. Advertising widget placed on the sites of publishers to display advertising, that is able to collect all the necessary statistics. It supports both standard media advertising formats and responsive text formats;
  2. The publisher’s cabinet that allows changing the settings of connected websites, with statistics of ad impressions on all sites, a wallet with automatic payment for ad impressions, and a flexible widget customization interface which allows obtaining the code for placing a widget for any ad space on the website;
  3. Advertiser’s office with flexible customization of advertising campaigns, responsive and static ads and budgets. Wallet for receiving payment in ETH. Advertising campaign statistics;
  4. A reception of payment in RTB tokens is implemented In the advertiser’s office. When paying in RTB tokens, the advertiser is given an automatic 50% discount on the network commission;
  5. Due to a sudden increase in suspicious activity in the advertising network, a mechanism for investigating fraud protection was implemented. As a result, an approach was developed and a network of bot sites from dozens of individual publishers connected to the AB-CHAIN network was cleaned;
  6. A remarketing pixel that allows launching remarketing advertising campaigns to return customers was implemented in the network;
  7. Look-alike campaigns were implemented in the network
  8. A Smart-contract with a system for automatic withdrawal and distribution of publishers revenue in RTB was developed and implemented

Being decent and responsible, we consider it necessary to inform you in detail about the motives of our decision. Therefore, all our investors will receive an individual e-newsletter with a detailed description of the procedure for closing and receiving a return on investment.

Thank you for being with us!

AB-CHAIN Smart Contract Beta is Live

We have launched a beta version of the AB-CHAIN network smart contract on the main-net. As of now, the smart contract has been operational for two weeks and it’s being tested with several advertisers!

At the moment:

  • 28 payments have been successfully processed by the smart contract;
  • Which amounts to 20 336 RTB processed as payment;
  • 18 303 RTB has been transferred to publishers;
  • 1 016 RTB has been burned. The same amount has been secured as network revenue.

You can view the current version of the AB-CHAIN smart contract by following this link.

The AB-CHAIN team wishes you all the best in the upcoming New Year! Keep track of our updates!

AB-CHAIN Update: Smart Contract Development

Smart-contract for payments processing in the AB-CHAIN advertising network

We are pleased to share the latest AB-CHAIN news and announce that apart from working on improving our network even further, our technical team is presently involved in the development of a smart-contract. As as we have already reported earlier, we have implemented RTB support as the payment method in the AB-CHAIN advertising network with a 50% discount on our commission.

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In this article we’ve gathered all the developments that we’ve been through in AB-CHAIN in the period of the last five months. Let’s recollect the updates that have been added after ICO and sum up where we’re heading in the nearest future.

The main sale has ended on March, 31 at 23:59. Over $2,5 million was raised during the tokensale.

CEO and founder Vladimir Dyakov and CMO Anton Oshkin were in Paris at that moment. They have presented AB-CHAIN on Blockchain, Crypto, I.A.: à l’est, du nouveau! The event was organised by East-West Digital News where our international strategy advisor Adrien Henni is the editor-in-chief.

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How to fish like a boss on an ICO

and bring users right to the point where the decision to invest is made 

Quality analysis is essential for cryptoprojects just as it is for any other industry because let’s admit it: the year of ICO is ahead. So why exactly should you go deep in details about the path your investor goes down before giving you his money. 

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